Talking Matters Group Programs

Talking Matters offer a range of innovative group programs that support and extend the standard 1:1 clinical therapy sessions. We understand that some skills are learned or consolidated best in a group environment. Groups help children learn from each other, in a motivating and highly relevant manner.

All groups have been designed by our speech pathologists and occupational therapists. Depending on the type of group and the needs of the children in the group, your child may be supported by a speech pathologist, occupational therapist or by allied health assistants.

Expressions of interest are now open for Term 2 2023 and term 3 2023 group programs. Information about a range of group programs offered at Talking Matters is provided below. Registration links below.

By completing an expression your interest form, you can indicate what Talking Matters group programs you would like to see your child join. All expressions of interest are reviewed thoroughly to support the group being set up for success. Completing an expression of interest form does not guarantee a placement in a group.

Children who need 1:1 support are not suitable for groups (for their own safety, learning opportunities and enjoyment, as well as those of the other group members). Working towards having engagement levels required for group programs can be supported through 1:1 therapy sessions.

Preschool Group Programs

It Takes Two to Talk - The Hanen Program for Parents of Children with Language Delays - Not sure where to start to support your child's communication development? This evidence based program is designed specifically for parents of young children (birth to 5 years of age) who have been identified as having a language delay. In a group setting, parents learn ways in which they can help their child learn language and communication in a natural way throughout their day together. Register here.

Play Group - What better way to learn, than through play! A speech pathologist and occupational therapist will guide caregivers to support their children in learning new skills through play. Our focus will be around interaction, meeting new people, sharing experiences, forming friendships, taking turns, sharing, expressing wants and needs, problem solving, developing fine and gross motor skills, the list goes on! Register here.

School Aged Group Programs

All of our school aged groups have foundations in growth mindset, connection, teamwork and problemsolving.

Register your expression of interest for school aged group programs here.

Girls Connect - Our girls connect group is aimed at bringing girls with autism together to increase increase their own understanding of autism, create opportunities for connection, understand conflict resolution, and build their teamwork and conversation skills. This will be conducted in a safe setting where a sense of self and self-love are promoted.

Let’s Dance - Designed for those who would love to join a dance class and learn some new skills. Engaging in our dance program will help build social skills, gross motor skills, creative expression, and be a place where clients can be themselves whilst having fun!

Cooking Group - Designed by one of our trained feeding therapists. The cooking group helps support your child to build confidence with foods, whilst helping them develop and grow their independence, self-care, and social communication skills.

Bootcamp - Developed by our occupational therapists and exercise physiologists to help clients develop their gross motor skills, build their strength and endurance, and expand their social skills. Come and join the fun!

Shed Group - Designed for our teenage clients who want to learn life skills by building and using tools to create items. This group aims to build higher level functional skills, upper body strength, coordination, social skills and problem solving. Build your skills while you build together!

Game Time - Our game time group is designed to be a place where clients can relax, have fun, and discover what they are capable of through engaging in games. This group is an opportunity for older clients to build their skills in connecting with others, develop their problem solving skills, and work on winning and losing with the support of a therapist.

Lego Group - No matter how you say it, Lego is a ton of fun! An opportunity to build skills in teamwork, negotiation, sharing and problemsolving all while playing Lego, yes please.

Creative Crafts - A creative, fun and safe to build on fine motor, planning and problemsolving skills while having a tone of fun being creative while connecting and working together with others.

Boardgame Group - Opportunity to connecting with others, develop problem solving skills, and work on winning and losing with the support of a therapist all while having a ton of fun exploring a range of board games. Work together as a group towards creating a new boardgame.