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Helping Preschool Stuttering

Are you looking for support for a young child who stutters? The Lidcombe program may be what you need. It has been developed in Australia through many years of research and is now used all over the world, and it has been… Go to full post

Stuttering 101

Stuttering or dysfluency is something that most people have heard of but may not fully understand. There are many myths around stuttering. Stuttering is not related to the child’s personality or intelligence and is no… Go to full post

Art Therapy 101

Children love art but did you know that art can be more than just a fun way to fill in some time. When children work with a qualified art therapist are can be a way to improve a person’s physical, mental and emotional … Go to full post

Games for Travelling

Are you travelling back from holidays with the kids, or even just stuck inside during the wet weather? Families spend lots of time in the car, whether for a day trip or on a longer adventure or just to appointments or sh… Go to full post

Eating challenges

Eating is an easy, enjoyable and natural thing for most children, but for some eating can be hard. They may struggle to manage food or avoid eating. There are many reasons why eating can be hard for kids.  A number of T… Go to full post

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