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Talking Matters New Website

In case you missed it, our brand new Talking Matters website is now live! We have a brand new look, more content and support resources. Let us know what you think. Go to full post

OT at School

OT can really help school kids be calm, alert and ready to learn. Whether you are a parent, teacher, child care worker, support worker or therapist you want the children in your care to get as much learning from the time… Go to full post

OT motor skills

During OT week, we are looking at how OT's can help children develop and succeed. One area where an OT can help your child is with developing their motor skills. Motor skills are about movement. Gross motor skills … Go to full post

Reaching your P-OT-ential - Celebrating OT week

This weekend marks the beginning of OT week, which runs from 22nd to 28th October, so at Talking Matters we will be celebrating all things OT.The theme is "Reach Your P-OT-ential" so let’s see what OT can d… Go to full post

Accessing NDIS for preschoolers

As a parent of a child with special needs you may wish to access the NDIA to fund services to help support your child. Go to full post

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