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Use visuals everyday

All through April we are looking at supporting kids with ASD. Many children with ASD, and many other children as well, benefit from the use of visual supports. Using visuals everyday can help kids feel calmer and more confident.  Go to full post

A Mum's ASD tips

At Talking Matters we believe that working in partnership with parents is the most effective way to work with children with ASD (and any other kids too). We don't have a magic wand that we use when do therapy, rather we teach children new skills and give Go to full post

Social skills 20 ways!

Most children develop social skills much like ducks learn to swim. Simply by being immersed in interactions with others they learn how to interpret messages they receive from other people and to respond appropriately. From birth most babies are hard-wired Go to full post


No two children (or adults) with autism spectrum disorder are the same and individuals can vary enormously from one to another. Living and working with people with ASD is never dull. It is filled with challenges but it is also exciting working alongside f... Go to full post

Learning to pretend

It looks simple, but it is also so valuable. Kids really do learn lots and lots of skills just by playing. If parents can take time out from their busy lives to play too the learning will be even better and so will the relationships. Go to full post

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