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Learning to eat

Learning to eat is a complex process and children develop the skills they need gradually over time. Below is a list of the skills children develop at different ages and some ideas for helping children learn these skills.… Go to full post

Learning to manage emotions

Understanding and managing emotions is an important part of our social development, which impacts on our ability to relate to others as well as to regulate our own behaviour. Children begin to learn about emotions very e… Go to full post

Language for Literacy

At Talking Matters we know learning literacy skills is crucial for school success. We also know that literacy is challenging for many of the children we support who have developmental challenges. Find out how you can sup… Go to full post

Why kids need play!

Play is a vital part of learning and developing as a child.  Parents who understand the importance of play, offer their child quality, age appropriate play experiences and take time to play with their child are helping … Go to full post

Raising Confident Kids

One of the most important things we can do as a parent is raise our children to be confident. With confidence they are better equipped to deal with the challenges that life brings. We all want our kids to be confident a… Go to full post

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