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Fine motor skills for children

Fine motor skills are important for success at home, preschool and school. Fine motor skills refer to the ability to do purposeful and coordinated actions using controlled movements of the small muscles in the fingers an… Go to full post

Communication skills for early schooling

It’s now the end of the first week of school for 2018 and your five year old has commenced their schooling journey.  This means they should be ready for more formal teaching of literacy.  Read on for some of the skil… Go to full post

Organisation - Good habits start young

Organisation is successfully achieved when a child is able to arrange their body and their environment. It is the ability to understand requirements of tasks, when the task needs to be achieved by, and understanding how … Go to full post

Learning outdoors

There are many benefits of doing therapy outdoors. Outdoor activities are fun for kids but the benefits are much more than just enjoyment. Go to full post

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