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Lego for Christmas

Kids love Lego and it is on lots of Christmas wish lists. 400 billion bricks have been made since 1958 and there are 62 bricks for every person in the world. Currently 36 billion bricks are made each year or 1140 bricks … Go to full post

Why books for christmas

Parents often ask what are good ideas for things to get their child for Christmas to help their learning and development. Including some books in your child’s Christmas stocking gives them a lasting gift which is valua… Go to full post

Activities for christmas

School holidays are not far away and Christmas is on the way. Talking Matters would like to share some Christmas activities that your family can enjoy together. These activities are fun but are also a way to help your ki… Go to full post

Preparing kids for christmas

It’s only five weeks until Christmas and this week is our TM Kids Holiday Party, so make sure you have your ticket. For some children and families Christmas can be a challenging time, but preparation can help. Go to full post

Accessing NDIA for children over 6 years

As a parent of a child with special needs you may wish to access the NDIA to fund services to help support your child. The following will provide a guide to help you get started. Go to full post

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