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Preschool procedures

Procedures are the step by step descriptions of how to do something.  They are one of the language tasks children learn as they move from using single sentences to joining sentences together to form larger blocks of lan… Go to full post

Weekend "cook and learn"

Kids love to cook and the weekend is a great time to slow down and let the kids be involved in making meals, or making their own snacks to keep them happy through the day. Kids will enjoy making simple things such as che… Go to full post

Talking babies and toddlers

Helping your baby or toddler to learn speech and language skills is one of the best things you can do to set your child up for future success with learning. Babies are preprogrammed to tune into speech and especially to … Go to full post

Developing grammar

All languages have a grammar system that helps people organise information in a consistent way when they are speaking to each other. Most children naturally learn this system through talking with adults as they develop, … Go to full post

How stories help your child

Stories play an important part in a child’s language and literacy development. The ability to retell stories ties in closely with the ability to write well later on. Go to full post

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