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At school, now what?

Whether your child has spent some time in junior primary or is just about to begin parents often ask Do I need to help my child with language now they are at school? The answer to this is yes! When children start school … Go to full post

Painting and collage

Kids can learn a lot from painting, printing and collage including language skills such as concept development. They can also develop skills such as the fine motor skills needed for writing.  Making marks on paper i… Go to full post

About 18 month olds

Eighteen month olds are becoming active and sociable. They are learning to use and understand words but still rely on gestures and tone to make their meaning clear. They are copying lots of things from adults, both words… Go to full post

Supporting students

Talking Matters has an ongoing commitment to the speech pathology profession and to the families of children with communication difficulties both now and in the future. One way we can help support speech pathology to con… Go to full post

Top 10 ideas for literacy

There are many things families can do at home to help their child be successful with literacy.  You, as a  parent, are the most important influence on your child’s learning.  Here are some things you can do to help … Go to full post

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