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Supporting students

Talking Matters has an ongoing commitment to the speech pathology profession and to the families of children with communication difficulties both now and in the future. One way we can help support speech pathology to con… Go to full post

Top 10 ideas for literacy

There are many things families can do at home to help their child be successful with literacy.  You, as a  parent, are the most important influence on your child’s learning.  Here are some things you can do to help … Go to full post

Developmental delay

Children who struggle with various aspects of their learning and development are sometimes described as having “global developmental delay”.  What does this mean?The term “global developmental delay” is used to … Go to full post

Procedures for school

Procedures are the step by step descriptions of how to do something. Being able to retell and write procedures is important in developing the skills needed in science and some other subjects and in understanding and writ… Go to full post

Fun with pretending

Dressing up, playing cubbies and playing shops is a great way to develop your child's imagination and play skills while learning valuable language skills.  It is great fun on a cold, wet winter day and can cost not… Go to full post

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