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Developing story writing

Stories play an important part in a child’s language and literacy development. Earlier we looked at how to develop a child’s ability to retell stories, which ties in closely with the ability to write well later on. T… Go to full post

The importance of play

Play is a vital part of learning and developing as a child.  Parents who understand the importance of play, offer their child quality, age appropriate play experiences and take time to play with their child are helping … Go to full post

Top 10 speech ideas

If you are waiting for an assessment or for speech therapy for your child, or just want your child to speak more clearly here are some simple things that can make a real difference to their speech development.1. Talk to… Go to full post

Verbs and conjunctions

Verb tenses and conjunctions are two of the most commonly misused grammatical markers for school children and are essential for speaking, reading and writing well.Verb tenses modify a verb to give us information about t… Go to full post

What is PDD-NOS?

PDD-NOS was a form of autism spectrum disorder diagnosed prior to the new DSMV being released ?  How was it diagnosed and how can parents help their child with this diagnosis? PDD-NOS stands for “pervasive developmen… Go to full post

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