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Case Study Thon Alou

6 year old Thon once needed a parent and two therapists in the room to have therapy. Now, he sees Janine for full sessions one on one and lets her know what he’d like to do! Read how we are helping Thon to develop his … Go to full post

10 ways to use Barrier Games for fun and learning

Barrier games are fantastic resources to support your child’s speech and language skills, and the best part, anyone can use them; speech pathologists, teachers, child-care workers, parents, and support workers! Go to full post

Puppet Play 10 ways

Puppets are a fun and exciting way to help children learn language and social skills. They allow children to learn to express themselves to and around others in a controlled and engaging way. There are endless varieties … Go to full post

Occupational therapy for school success

OT can really help school kids be calm, alert and ready to learn. Whether you are a parent, teacher, child care worker, support worker or therapist you want the children in your care to get as much learning from the time… Go to full post

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