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Verbs and conjunctions

Verb tenses and conjunctions are two of the most commonly misused grammatical markers for school children and are essential for speaking, reading and writing well.Verb tenses modify a verb to give us information about t… Go to full post

What is PDD-NOS?

PDD-NOS was a form of autism spectrum disorder diagnosed prior to the new DSMV being released ?  How was it diagnosed and how can parents help their child with this diagnosis? PDD-NOS stands for “pervasive developmen… Go to full post

Weekend play dough

Play dough is an old favourite but a great activity that is cheap and kids can learn so much from it. Your child can learn action words, concepts of size, shape, texture and colour, develop pretend play skills and deve… Go to full post

Pronouns and plurals

Two of the most commonly misused grammatical markers for preschool children are pronouns and plurals. There are ways that parents, teachers and carers can help children learn to use these correctly.Pronouns stand in plac… Go to full post

Visuals for older kids

Visuals can help school aged children with daily activities, learning, behaviour and social skills. Why are visuals helpful?Visuals are permanent, while spoken words last only a few seconds.Children can refer back to vis… Go to full post

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