Paint and Seek

Are you running out of ideas to make learning how to read more fun? Gather a ziplock bag, some paint, and a page of target words to create a fun seeking game for your child to continue developing their letter recognition and word decoding.

Start by filling your ziplock bag with some paint (a little goes a long way here), seal it up and spread the paint out in the bag. Place a page of your child’s target words on the table and stick the ziplock bag on top. Show your child how they can use their index finger to move the paint around to find words they need to read.


  • Remind your child to use letter sounds when sounding out words
  • Encourage pointing to the letters as they say the sounds and then running their finger under the whole word when they blend all the sounds together
  • Challenge: increase the difficulty by having your child make up their own sentence using the target word, this shows that they understand what the word means as well!


  • After reading all the words, remove the page of words and set it aside
  • Stick the ziplock bag back on to the table and read out each word for the child to practise spelling
  • They can use their index finger to push the paint around and write letters for their target word!
  • Encourage your child to say the sounds of the word as they write

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