Today’s post is going to focus on how the game Scattergories can help develop your child’s communication skills.


  • Help your child understand what categories means (words that belong in groups), discuss different categories involved in the game and brainstorm some words that would fit in the category
  • This game will require your child to extend their vocabulary by focusing on vocabulary that start with a specific letter

Expressive language

  • If your child is familiar with the game, have them explain the rules to you
  • Get your child to say all the words they chose at the end of the game
  • Brainstorm other words that start with the chosen letter and name the category they would be in

Understanding language

  • Break down the rules step-by-step for your child to understand
  • Use visuals to support with their understanding
  • Have your child point to objects in the house that fall in the chosen categories


  • This game requires reading and writing skills!
  • Help your child read category names
  • Help your child write down words for each category

Social skills

  • If your child has never played this game before, it would be best to play that game together (depending on your child’s level)
  • Model appropriate game-play behaviour – e.g. winning/losing statements, taking turns
  • Demonstrate inappropriate game-play behaviour (e.g. cheating) and discuss the effects of this behaviour on the game and the relationship between the players
  • Support with emotional regulation if needed – discuss the typical emotions (e.g. disappointed, proud) when losing or winning. Ensure to help your child understand others’ perspectives.

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