Early Intervention Packages


National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) Service Provision

Talking Matters are eligible providers for clients who have a care plan from the NDIA. More information about this program is available from the National Disability Insurance Agency website. The roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme commenced for children in South Australia in July 2013 and we have been providing services through the scheme since then.  

To check whether your child may be eligible for support through this program please contact your local NDIA office.  Once families complete the required paperwork and are determined to be eligible they are offered an appointment time with a planner.  Families meet with a planner to discuss their aspirations for their children's future and to form a plan outlining the required supports. Families are best served to consider their needs carefully before attending the planning meeting so they can request the most appropriate supports for their child.

Talking Matters are providers of speech pathology, psychology, disability coordination and occupational therapy supports under this scheme. We also offer a range of programs such as 'Transition to School', 'Handwriting & fine motor skills' and 'Social Skills' group programs. Remember to include your child's communication, behavioural, social emotional and occupational therapy needs in your plan where they are needed.


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