I'm an Educator

How Talking Matters help Educators

What training and professional development workshops are available?

Talking Matters offer a range of training and development opportunities to support educators in working with children with additional needs. Sessions are available in the Talking Matters office or at your site by negotiation. Further information about workshops is available on our Training & Workshops page.

What will it cost families to have an assessment completed?

To cater appropriately for the individual needs of children, services typically start with an assessment. Further information about the process and the costs is available on our Assessment Fees page.

What school holiday programs do you offer that my students may benefit from?

We have a range of school holiday programs available to support areas you may identify as needs for your students. Groups not only target functional skills, but are fun, and provide a cost effective way to receive additional support. Further information about our programs is available on our Group Programs page.

How do I know whether to refer a child for an assessment?

We understand that educators want the best for students and take referring for additional services very seriously. If school aged children are not achieving in their learning or social interactions to the same level as their peers then they are likely to need some additional assistance. We have also provided basic checklists to assist in identifying younger children who may need early intervention.

What individual therapy options are available?

There are a range of services available to support students with their individual needs. Further information about therapy options is available on our Therapy page.

Can the student be seen at school, childcare or preschool?

Talking Matters offer services offsite where there are sufficient student numbers. Special arrangements for an onsite session is also a possibility by negotiation where needed. Further information about services at your site is available on our Therapy page.

What resources can you recommend to assist my students?

We know that passionate and supported educators can make a real difference in the lives of their students. You can access a range of resources to support student learning with downloads available from our website. You are welcome to refer parents to these resources so they can assist their children with their learning.

How can we support families to connect with services?

Families often need the support of their child’s educators in identifying that additional support is required for their children. It is often the advice and information provided by educators that encourages families to take the required steps to seek assistance. Families can self-refer and no doctor’s referral is needed. Families can use the contact page, or call our office on (08) 8255 7137 for more information or an appointment. If you have parent consent to contact us on their behalf we welcome you to assist them by completing the contact us form.