Therapy Fees

Sessions are claimable under private health cover or a chronic disease management plan through Medicare for eligible families. Payment is due on the day of service. We have EFTPOS, HICAPS and Medicare access to assist families in processing their payments and claims as conveniently as possible. Please note these prices are for self-funded parents who are paying on the day of service. Services provided under other programs typically have different fee schedules to reflect the additional administration and accounting costs.

Speech Pathology & Occupational Therapy fees

Session DurationDurationSession CostCost
Up to 45 minute Therapy$138.75
Up to 1 hour Therapy$185.00

Fees for services for speech pathology & occupational therapy provided under NDIA are billed at the current NDIA rate.

Medicare Therapy fees

We are happy to work with clients using the Autism Initiative of Better Start Initiatives, Enhanced Primary Care plans or Mental Health Care Plans through Medicare. For more information about this initiative please download our Medicare Rebate for ASD Therapy Information Sheet. Clients pay their account on the day and are then able to claim back a rebate from Medicare. Rebates can be processed at our office if you have your Medicare card and your EFTPOS card with you. Payment is usually in your bank by the next business day. Please advise us when booking if you are using either of these initiatives so that we can properly prepare for your visit. Payment is required on the day of the consultation and no further discounts are applicable.

Travel costs

Travel TimeTravel TimeCostCost
0 - 15 minutes$46.25
16 - 30 minutes$92.50
31 - 45 minutes$138.75
46 - 60 minutes$185

The above chart provides a guide to the most common travel time frames.

We know that sometimes you need us to provide services at your home, childcare setting or a school because that is where your child spends much of their time. We will do our best to help make that happen so that everyone can work together to support your child. Please speak to us about your needs and we will work with you to try and find the best possible solution for you. When we provide services outside of the office travel time will need to be factored in to the costs of the service. We will provide you with a quote for travel before finalising your booking for you. Travel costs will be calculated using the following method:

  1. We will enter the address of the location you want us to visit, and our office address at 238 Midway Road, Elizabeth Downs or 11 McKinna Road, Christie Downs into the Google Maps to calculate the length of the trip in time.
  2. Based on the time travel listed we will add together the time to get out on site, and to then return to the office (by multiplying the time listed by 2). This will be the amount of additional time on top of the session that you will need to fund.
  3. We will raise an account for the time in 15 minute increments, with 15 minutes being the minimum charge. A table has been provided above for your reference.
  4. The service will require payment prior to the clinician travelling out to provide the session.

Cancellation fees

For information about our cancellation policy, please click here