Talking Matters Therapy

Individual therapy sessions

Would you like individualised one-on-one support to develop your child's skills? Talking Matters clinicians provide individual therapy sessions working with children to develop skills in their areas of need, through fun activities. Talking Matters provides individual therapy sessions in a range of areas including speech pathology, occupational therapy, and behaviour support.

Children who work with Talking Matters clinicians in individual sessions all work to achieve goals which have been specifically developed for them. No two programs would look the same or be delivered in exactly the same way. We know your child is special and will get the most out of sessions when the program is developed with their strengths and needs in mind.

Individual sessions can be arranged at various intervals based on your child's needs and what you as their parent or caregiver would prefer. Your clinician will make recommendations about the best possible way to help your child in order to help you decide how often you would like your child to attend. Speech pathology, and occupational therapy sessions may be claimable under your "Extras" cover if you have health insurance. Rebates generally cover a little over half of the cost but you should discuss this with your health insurance provider.

If you would like further information or to make a booking, please contact us by phoning (08) 8255 7137 or send us an email enquiry to arrange an appointment and begin this valuable support for your child. We are also happy to answer any further questions you may have about therapy sessions. For information regarding fees, please visit the Talking Matters Funding page.

School based therapy services

Talking Matters speech pathologists, occupational therapists and disability consultant also provide school based services in many locations in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. Sessions at school are often more convenient for working parents and also enable professionals to work more closely with your child's educators. We are often able to offer therapy services at school when we have a group of children to work with, at least 3 children per visit. School services do not cost any extra when provided in a school we work with regularly. Sometimes we may be asked to provide a one-off service at a school and we will do our best to accommodate these.

When sessions are provided at school a summary of the visit is provided to parents via email. With parent permission the notes are also provided to the school or childcare setting. It is often useful to have a therapy session in the office in school holidays to keep more closely in touch with your child’s therapist.

We use the Ezidebit system for payment of services provided offsite that aren’t claimed through the NDIS portal. Ezidebit enables payment of sessions received at school through a simple, efficient and secure direct debit from your nominated account. Payments are processed the day after sessions are provided so that debits can be cancelled should we not be able to provide the service due to clinician illness.

We have more information about this service available in the School Based Services (PDF). Please contact us by phoning (08) 8255 7137 or send us an email enquiry if you would like further information about a service at your school or if you wish to make an appointment.