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Talk to me with books

Sharing books together has been shown time and time again to be one of the most beneficial ways to help your child develop literacy skills. You, as a parent, are the most important influence on your child’s learning, a… Go to full post

Talk with me as I start school

It is so important to help your children with their language skills throughout their schooling, whether they are just starting school, or entering middle years. When children begin school their language still continues t… Go to full post

Talking to children

Talking together with children at pre-school age is vital. At preschool age, rapid growth in speech and language skills occurs and sets the foundations of future learning, literacy, social skills and problem solving abil… Go to full post

Talk with me as a baby

There are so many benefits to exposing young children and babies to new words and language simply by talking to them. Babies are born pre-programmed to tune into the speech around them and to their parents voices specifi… Go to full post

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