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Developing pre-writing skills

Handwriting is a skill that is important throughout school. There are lots of fun ways to help preschool children develop the skills they need to be ready for learning handwriting when they begin school. Go to full post

Develop clear speech

Some children have unclear or distinct speech, especially in sentences.  These children can have unclear speech for a number of reasons. Go to full post

Making speech practice fun

Here are some activities to help your child practice their target speech sounds. Use the articulation pictures provided by your speech pathologist with these activities. Go to full post

Strategies for students with language difficulties

Students with language difficulties can benefit from support to help them communicate and learn at home and school.   A formal language assessment by a qualified and experienced speech pathologist will provide specific… Go to full post

Developing communication skills in school aged children

When children start school their language skills still continue to develop and the stronger their language skills are, the better they will progress, especially with subjects such as reading, writing and spelling. Go to full post

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