Community Matters - Connecting Families with Resources in the Community

In conjunction with University of South Australia fouth year occupational therapy students and Talking Matters set out to support families with accessing information regarding resources available to them within our community.

This community development project was identified due to famlies within the Talking Matters community providing feeback that they were experiencing difficulty with accessing appropriate activities for their children. The aim of the project was to form connections with activities, programs, community centres and other extra-curricular activities within the local community. The formation of this connection aimed to provide a greater breadth of knowledge about the resources available and allow for ease of access to these services for those wishing to seek them. This resource was developed in collaboration with numerous families of the Talking Matters community.

This resource provides information on a variety of identified community resources, suitable for chldren with a disability and their families. It has been categorised for ease of access under the headings of education, sport/recriation, social activities, support groups and volunteer opportunities.

Talking Matters wishes to provide access to this document for all our families and others within our community.

Download a copy here, we hope you find it valuable.

Community Matters