Assessment Fees

Why is an assessment needed?

Before a professional is able to develop an individual plan that efficiently addresses the individual needs of your child, they need to understand your child's skills and areas of challenge. Without this level of understanding intervention is 'hit and miss' and is likely to result in more time and financial resources being spent to reach the necessary goals.

While an appropriate assessment involves an investment initially, it is ultimately more cost effective than engaging in therapy that isn't targeting the needed areas accurately. Professionals spend a lot of time in the assessment process outside of the time you spend with them. They read notes, select and prepare assessment materials and after the assessment score and interpret the information. Detailed information about what happens in an assessment is included on the assessment page.

Each assessment requires 1 hour time of data analysis/interpretation which is in addition to the consultation time.

To provide families with more options for the level of written reporting and funding they require to start their child in therapy we separate out the cost of the written reports. This enables families who don't need a written report to save the costs associated with the clinician writing the report, and frees up clinicians to complete more direct work with children in providing intervention. You can discuss whether you need a report with your clinician during your assessment session to ensure you have the information you need to make the right decision for you. Our fees for client paid on the day for reports and letters are:

NDIA funded clients are charged at the current NDIA pricing guide value. Clients who utilise an approved third party biller have an increase of $10 per hour to cover additional administration involved. These accounts are to be finalised within 7 days. Written reports are not eligible for rebates from Medicare or health insurance companies at this stage. Whilst test scores are recorded for each assessment, they are not provided if no report is requested.

Written reports are only able to be requested within 2 weeks of the final assessment date. We highly recommend a written report so you have a documented record of the assessment outcomes. A written report will enable you to share the information collected with other involved professionals and to assist in supporting requests for funding or supports.

Speech Pathology & Occupational Therapy assessment

The time required to complete assessment varies depending on the age of the child, how they manage the assessment process and the information that is needed to establish their needs. The following is a guide for the typical time frames required for each assessment type:

The 1 hour data analysis/interpretation is in addition to this. The chart below provides a starting point of assessment and costs associated with each service.

Speech Pathology & Occupational Therapy fees

Length of assessmentLengthApt + analysis cost-no report$ no reportApt + analysis cost-scores only$ with scoresApt + analysis cost-full written report$ with report
2 hours$555.00$647.50$925.00

A $75 deposit is required to book time for an initial assessment. The deposit will be deducted from the amount due for payment on the final day of the assessment. Where we need to bill services through the NDIA portal we will bill the current NDIA rate and no deposit will be involved. For services provided via an approved third party biller on a 7 day account, the rates are increased by $10 per hour. Please contact us for further information.

Cancellation fees

For details of our cancellation policy please click here