Transitioning To School

Is your child ready for school? It might be hard to tell, but here are some ways you can help your child be ready for school in January!

Start the routine early: before starting school, start developing a routine in the morning and stick to it! Wake up at the time they will need to go to school, get them wearing their school uniform and have a quick drive/walk to the school grounds. This way, they are becoming familiar with the routine and are aware with where they are going each day.

Use visuals: print out the routine for each morning to help your child see visually the steps to get ready for school. This helps them understand the consistency of getting ready for school. You might want to use a countdown to help your child conceptualize how many days/sleeps until they start school.

Use social stories: if you have a SP or OT, they could design a specific one for your child or download this one here to read to your child. Social stories are an effective way for children to know what to expect when they start school

Request support from your school: if your child struggles to transition to new spaces, ask your school for support! They may be able to provide you pictures/videos of the classroom and teacher your child will be working with for the year.

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