Paper Snowflakes

Get your coloured paper (or just white paper) and scissors ready for today’s deep dive in to a Fun Friday activity focusing on Christmas theme. Christmas is next week which means you may need to quickly get some decorations up around the house to get into the Festive Season!

We used templates from First Palette which have a variety of shapes and complexity for your child to work on their cutting skills. This activity can work on a range of motor skills, specifically folding, cutting as well as work on control and planning. Provide short verbal instructions for your child to follow and give them specific praise on their cutting skills e.g. “great job on snipping that corner, it looked really hard!”.

Work on increasing their language skills by describing parts of the snowflake (e.g. pointy, curved, pretty) and start talking about the difference in weather, what they think snowflakes feel like, other cold/frozen words, and what places have snow. You can also link snowflakes to different movies and TV shows your child may have watched in the past!

At Talking Matters we hope you have a wonderful Festive Season! See you next year!

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