Handprint Christmas Trees

Christmas is around the corner! And as we head to the end of school term you may need some extra activities up your sleeve for your child to do as you prepare Christmas presents, decorations and dinner. Last Friday we shared this quick and simple activity for your children to do and with your involvement you can help enrich their language skills too!

Have your child print their hand on paper with paint (you can use Christmas colours) and once dried have them cut around their handprints and arrange into a Christmas tree shape. Use glue or tape to stick the prints together and decorate your tree!

This activity can help with a wide range of skills such as increasing sensory experiences, planning the design, and using fine motor skills to cut and stick their magnificent tree together. Use a range of vocabulary words to describe what your child is doing and the resources used (e.g. press your hand, spread out the paint, cut around the hand print). You can also increase your child’s ability to follow instructions by giving multiple instructions at a time or using ‘before’ and ‘after’ concepts.

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