Using Uno to Engage in Conversation

Engaging in conversation can be a challenging task for many children. Good conversation skills will help develop key social and communication skills. This will lead to the future development of meaningful relationships.

Games such as Uno can be used to help facilitate conversation. Conversation Uno is a fun and interactive game that most kids will enjoy. It is played like regular Uno, with a few changes when landing on a special card. These may include:

  • Playing a +2 or +4 card = asking 1 question to another player (additional questions may be asked to engage even further in conversation)
    • Questions could be:
      • What did you do on the weekend?
      • What is your favourite movie?
      • What is your favourite game?
      • Do you play any sport?
      • What is your favourite animal?
      • What is your favourite subject at school?
      • If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
      • What is your favourite food?
      • How are you feeling today?
      • What makes you happy?
      • Where is somewhere you want to visit?
      • What has been the best part of your day so far?
  • Playing a skip card - Answering a question from another player
  • Changing the colour - Give 3 quick facts about yourself

The best thing about this game is it can be tailored however you or your child may want. Fun and silly rules may be created that keep the game entertaining (such as do 5 star jumps when playing a skip card)! Coming up with rules together at the start is a great way to get your child engaged. It may also be helpful to first brainstorm a list of potential questions to then refer to throughout the game.

Conversation Uno not only helps to tackle conversation skills but can also be a great way to practice turn taking. This is another key skill needed to be able to develop meaningful relationships with others.

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