folder Downloads

folder Activity Packs

Activity Packs

Activity and information packs for educators, parents and health professionals

folder Autism


Information about autism and how to help children be successful

folder Barrier Games

Barrier Games

Barrier games are a great way to develop listening and verbal skills

folder Concepts


Activities to help teach children their first concepts such as big & small

folder Daily Living Skills

Daily Living Skills

Information about skills like self feeding, toileting, sleep and dressing

folder Early Language

Early Language

How to help early talkers develop more language

folder Fine & Gross Motor

Fine & Gross Motor

Information on fine and gross motor skill development

folder Following Instructions

Following Instructions

Activities to help children follow instructions of increasing length

folder Games


Fun games to make practicing more fun

folder Grammar


Activities to practice the more common grammar errors

folder Listening


Listening is key to learning so here are some activities to teach listening skills

folder Literacy


Includes a range of reading and writing based activities for school aged children

folder Phonological Awareness

Phonological Awareness

Early literacy skills that children need to be successful readers and writers

folder Play


These ideas will help children learn more from their play

folder Psychology


Information about managing relationships, behaviour and self-esteem in children

folder School Language

School Language

Activities and information for school aged children with language learning difficulties

folder Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration

How children process information from their senses

folder Social Stories

Social Stories

Social stories help children to understand social behaviour

folder Speech


Activities and ideas that will make speech practice more fun

folder Visuals


Visuals help children to make sense of language and their worlds

folder Vocabulary


Children with larger vocabularies learn more at school


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