Do you want to learn more about your child's communication skills, gross motor, fine motor, sensory processing, play and what you can do to help them develop to their potential?

We can provide an assessment of your child's speech, comprehension and language skills, gross or fine motor, sensory skills and much more.  Assessments are a key step in  understanding your child's specific needs and skill profiles so that an individualised, targeted learning plan can be developed. We also provide assessments for children who stutter. All that is needed is a phone call, fax, email or letter providing contact details to the office at Talking Matters. Details on how to contact us can be found at Location & Contact.  Our receptionist will contact parents to arrange an appointment time and ask some initial questions to determine the parent's general concerns, and to determine how much time is likely to be needed to complete the assessment.

Individual Therapy Sessions


Talking Matters provides individual therapy sessions in a range of areas including speech pathology, occupational therapy or psychology to assist children with additional learning needs. We also provide therapy for children who stutter, who are picky eaters, are anxious or have behavioural difficulties as well as so much more. Children who work with Talking Matters consultants in individual sessions all work to achieve goals which have been specifically developed by their speech pathologist, occupational therapist, psychologist or autism consultant for them.  No two programs would look the same or be delivered in exactly the same way.  We know your child is special and will get the most out of sessions when the program is developed with their learning style and needs in mind.

Autism Assessment & Diagnosis


Do you know a child showing signs of autism? Contact us if you would like to book an assessment.  

In order to be accepted for support services through Autism SA in Adelaide, children need to have an assessment by two differently qualified professionals experienced in the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders, and accredited by Autism SA. Assessments are available publically through Autism SA, and Child Development Units at the Lyell McEwin Health Service, Women's and Childen's Hospital and Flinders Medical Centre. Waiting times apply to these services so families may opt for a private assessment.



Talking Matters offer a range of innovative programs that support and extend the standard clinicial therapy sessions.  Some skills are learned or consolidated best in a group environment.  Groups help children learn from each other, in a motivating and highly relevant manner. You will find details of the various group programs on offer on this page. 

Professional Development

Stacey workshop

We have a new on offer! Are you an education professional who would like to find out more about how you can support children with communication and learning difficulties? At Talking Matters, we provide support and information on a range of issues relevant to professionals who work with children in the northern suburbs. You can choose from a range of packages either designed with a budget in mind, or specially written to your individual centre's requirements. We also have a new full day program for newly graduating speech pathologists and occupational therapists who are planning a career working with children in private practice. 



 Talking Matters provides a range of therapy resource that families may find difficult to organise for themselves.  Drop in to our office to see the range of books, fidgets, weighted products and other therapy items you may be looking for. 


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