Resources for kids!

Have you checked out all the great resources that Talking Matters have available for free?

At Talking Matters we love to share information about children's development as well as ideas and activities for supporting kids speech, language, learning, social skills and motor skills. That's why we have loads of resources that can be downloaded and shared for free. These are great for parents, teachers, child care workers and therapists, really anyone who spends time with kids.

Worried about your child's progress, or just want to check how they are developing? We have checklists for every level from one year to six years in six month intervals.

Have a child starting school in the new year? Start helping them to prepare now with our "starting school pack" which can be downloaded from the font page of our website.

Looking for something to do on the weekend or in the school holidays? Download our school holiday pack.

Do you have a baby or toddler and want to develop their speech and language skills? Download our information sheets and printable activities.

Do you have a preschool child and want to develop their communication skills? Download ideas and activities for developing communication skills, and play skills.

Do you have a child with speech or language difficulties? We have information, ideas, and printable activities for:

  • speech
  • listening
  • following instructions
  • vocabulary
  • concepts
  • grammar
  • barrier games
  • fluency or stuttering

Do you have a child at school? Check our resources for school aged kids for:

  • school aged language
  • phonological awareness
  • literacy

Do you have a child with an autism spectrum disorder? Check our information and resources for:

  • autism
  • visuals
  • social skills


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