Shopping Minis

Do you have these miniature supermarket items and don’t know what to do with them? At Talking Matters we have collected these cute items to work on a range of skills in therapy!

Shopping Minis can work on building a range of skills through:

  • Pretend Play: pretend to go shopping, have your child practise being the shop keeper and the customer. Be sure to include lots of language your child can model after (e.g. “Fantastic, you have Milo! My little one loves drinking Milo everyday after school”)
  • Following Instructions: this skill can be worked on while playing pretend (e.g. as the customer, ask the shop keeper for items “Can you please give me Vegemite, bananas and water?”) or as an activity on it’s own. Use a pretend shopping trolley and basket to increase the level of complexity (e.g. “put the yoghurt in the trolley and the noodles in the basket
  • Categorisation: Split the shopping items into different groups. Draw aisles on a piece of paper and sort the individual items to their appropriate group.
  • Fine Motor Skills: encourage your child to use their index finger and thumb with remaining fingers tucked away to pick up and put down the items.

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