Rainbow Craft

Brighten up your child’s day with doing a rainbow craft! When it’s rainy and gloomy, it’s always a nice reminder that sometimes we can see a beautiful rainbow when everything has cleared up.

In this Fun Friday post we used paper, paint (or you could use coloured paper, but you need all the colours of the rainbow!), glue, scissors, white paper, and googly eyes.

  1. Start with painting long strips of white paper with the colours of the rainbow separately. Let the paint dry completely.
  2. Next draw a cloud shape on a white piece of paper and cut it out
  3. Glue googly eyes on the white cloud
  4. Cut the (dried) painted strips of paper for the rainbow ‘rain’
  5. Glue the strips of paper on to the back of the cloud

This activity can target a range of skills including:

Planning and sequencing – you’re child needs to think about what they need to do next to complete the next step. I.e. they will need to figure out that they need to put glue on the side that is painted to glue it on to the back of the cloud.

Fine motor skills – Encourage use of an appropriate pencil grasp when painting, focus on how the fingers need to sit while using scissors, and support your child in using their finger tips when gluing the google eyes!

Vocabulary – name the colours used, the verbs your using while completing tasks (e.g. painting, gluing, cutting, pressing), the concepts (e.g. long strips, round eyes, fluffy cloud)

Following instructions – provide multiple steps at a time if you’re child is at this level! E.g. Draw a cloud and then cut it out

Recalling – ask your child to recall the steps of the activity to support with their memory skills and to help them teach others another day!

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