Sound Flowers

Learning how to read can be daunting for children, so it’s always best to make it a little fun! On our Instagram we posted a Fun Friday where you can drawn or printed flowers to make Sound Flowers!

We started with a blank template of a flower and chose a sound to work on and drew pictures that started with that sound. This supports your child’s phonological awareness stills of identifying first sounds in words. Identifying initial sounds is a foundational skill to be able to read words and then eventually write!

This activity can also be adapted to work on building your child’s understanding of categories – choose a category and write this in the centre of the flower, and draw or write words apart of that category on the petals.

Completing this activity works on fine motor skills as well as your child will be required to draw and write. Or if you're focusing on cutting and glueing, grab a newspaper or magazine and cut out pictures for your desired target and glue on to your flower.

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